Trevor sucessfully completed an ITEC course holistic massage in April 1994, and has been working as a masseur since then. He has worked at Health Care Centres across London including: Stockwell Group Practice, I-Care in Islington and the Helios Centre in Kings Cross. Trevor is also a member of IPTI and is fully insured through them.

What sort of Massage?

The first question people usually ask me is: what sort of massage do you do? This is a difficult question to answer as really the only way to find out is to have one. I work intuitively and gear the massage to what the individual needs in the moment. To read about one person's experience see the Guardian article.

The way I give massages is the way I most like to receive a massage, I work deeply and firmly but at a slow pace which people find profoundly relaxing. I specialise in massage of the head, neck and shoulders. I also draw on my wealth of experience not just in giving but also receiving massages. I include elements of Indian, Swedish and Thai massage, Shiatsu and Spiritual Healing, whatever feels right for the individual client.

Massage helps relieve stress, muscular aches and pains and can be beneficial for people suffering from a number of physical conditions including lower back, shoulder and neck and repetitive strain injuries. Massage can also be of help for people that find it difficult to switch off and relax and can help with insomnia and relieve headaches. It also boosts the overall energy level, thereby strengthening the immune system and boosting the body's ability to overcome disease of any kind.

But maybe you just want to treat yourself or you need space from work or family pressures.

Costs and Booking

Trevor provides a home visit service by car, he has a portable couch, towels and oils. Cost within Central and South London: for a one hour and 30 minute massage 80. Concessions are available for unemployed and people on low incomes and reductions are available for bookings made on a regular basis. To book call Trevor on 07810358231.
Body Alliance - 0203 - 2866228

Trevor Iszatt - Spiritual Healer

Trevor has been a member of the NFSH since July 1994, he is currently a fully insured Healer member of the NFSH, the largest Healing organisation within the UK.

What is Healing?

The concept of Healing conjures up different images for different people. Not so very long ago Spiritual Healing used to conjure up images of Christian preachers laying on hands and casting out devils or of middle age, middle class, mild manored do-gooders. These stereotypes are still relevant, but I believe we are moving into a time where healing is becoming increasingly understandable and accessable to everyday people and ever more popular as people struggle to reconnect with their spirituality.

So what is healing all about? A common misunderstanding is that people equate healing with curing. Cures may occur, but to cure is not the fundamental reason for giving healing. True healing is given to help an individual's spiritual unfoldment. The job of the healer is simply to channel the healing energy, it is up to the higher self of the client to decide how best this energy can be utilised. In some cases healing may temporarily intensify what appear to be the negative symptoms and may even hasten and ease the passing of those who are already near to death, in such situations these are the most beneficial outcomes for the greater good of the individual on his/her Soul journey. Most people however do find healing a relaxing, enjoyable and illuminating experience.

True healing is a spiritual process, which works directly on the aura, chakras and subtle energy bodies. It is the subtle energy bodies that form the very framework upon which our physical bodies and our minds hang. The job of the Healer is simply to attune to Healing energy of Unconditional Love and channel this energy into the energy body of his/her client, and in this way addressing the symtoms at their roots.

Healers may experience the healing energy coming from their Source/God Self, others feel they receive healing energy from the Universal energy field, All That Is, or direct from God. Essentially most healers are doing the same thing its just the language and terminolgy they use that differs.

Over the years a whole wealth of evidence of the effectiveness of healing has been gathered, however the best evidence you can obtain is from personal experience.

Payment for healing is by Donation.

For further information or to experience Healing for yourself contact contact Trevor Iszatt on 07810358231.

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